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Control Knob (Birch Grey)
(Code: XL9197)
Input and Output Control Knob that is Birch Grey in colour.
£ 8.13
Control Knob (Convector) (Birch Grey)
(Code: XL9148)
Control Knob for the Convector that is Birch Grey in colour
£ 8.13
(Code: 084964/0)
Element (Convector) 450W, 240V
£ 37.42
Element Assembly 850W 240V
(Code: 83136)
850W Element Assembly, 240V, Note: The Manufacturer has changed this Part Number from XT8321 to 9510024 now83136
£ 30.81
(Code: 83689.8)
Grille (Birch Grey)
£ 21.47
(Code: XL8954)
Insulator (Convector Terminal Block)
£ 4.03
(Code: XL8918)
Neon Assembly
£ 19.31
(Code: XL8953)
Rubber Gasket
£ 4.65
Switch Single Pole with Neon
(Code: 006003/11 was XL9147)
On / Off Switch for the Convector, This part has a new Manufacturer's Part Number, It used to be XL9147.
£ 8.27
Terminal Block (3 Way)
(Code: 86857)
Terminal Block (3 Way) that is White in Colour.
£ 4.47
Terminal Block (Accelerator) and Insulator
(Code: XL8809)
Terminal Block (Accelerator) and Insulator
£ 4.48
Terminal Block (Convector)
(Code: XT8636)
Terminal Block (Convector)
£ 6.40
Terminal Block (Element)
(Code: 80281)
Ceramic Terminal Block for the Element
£ 6.83
Thermostat (Hydraulic) complete with Sensor
(Code: 006001/0)
Thermostat (Hydraulic) complete with Sensor also known by Part Numbers 006001/0 and XT8617
£ 40.49
Thermostat and Cut out Assembly (TSB)
(Code: XT9605)
Thermostat and Cut out Assembly, the thermostat in early models may look different to this one but it will be OK This part can be used as an alternative to XL8901 (which is no longer available); This part should be fitted to the top of the controls mounting bracket using 2 of the screws supplied; The link wire connections are attached to the terminals with the remaining 2 screws supplied.
£ 28.02
(Code: XL8949)
Upper and Element Harness (Convector)
£ 10.60
(Code: 081600/0)
Washer (Silicone)
£ 6.38